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We are your Student Services Team and we're here to help!  We hope you will find this site to be a fun, mobile-friendly, catch-all resource for everything you need during your time at AOMA.

This site offers support for your AOMA career in addition to support in tutoring videos, self-care activities, guides to starting your business and guides to going out and finding that perfect job.  It is also a one-stop shop for all of your course and clinic evaluations, trainings, and reporting.

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Whether there was an accident, an uncomfortable event, or you just have a suggestion for AOMA, report quickly and anonymously if you like right here.  Let's turn those lemons into lemonade... and astringe essence!


The link above, among other options, includes an option to initiate a grievance.  Our grievance policies can be found in the General Policies Manual located here.

as well as under My AOMA on the school website.

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